Warden Call

WMS Call - Warden Call 04The WMS Warden Call system introduces new levels of performance to the market place together with a comfortable, ergonomic wall unit design acceptable to residents and staff alike. Featuring a cordless warden handset for onsite use, alarm calls can be answered immediately without the need to 'plug in' to an accessible (or frequently inaccessible) wall unit. 

Visually appealing, and described by residents as house furniture rather than institution equipment, the wall mounted speech unit incorporates a readily identifiable privacy switch; red reassurance LED and British Standard orange alarm pull cord with two triangular handles. Should an alarm call be placed on the system by a pull cord - either directly attached to the unit or dispersed throughout the dwelling, privacy is automatically overridden. 

WMS Call - Warden Call 07In addition, pendant radio triggers, smoke detectors, inactivity monitoring, intruder alert and other devices can also activate alarm calls as deemed necessary. 

As an aid to fast emergency response, staff safety and operational efficiency, the cordless warden handset can be linked to the external office telephone line to make and receive external telephone calls. Where a door entry system or external enquiry point is installed, staff can communicate with visitors at the main entrance using the cordless handset and, depending on the system installation, remotely activate the door release. 

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