When it comes to urgent calls, wired beats radio every time.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Nursecall systems have come a long way since the Florence Nightingale days of ring the bell. However, the principles of informing staff of urgent calls hasnt changed at all. Every type of assisted living, hospital or care home building that is licensed for health care must have a call system since they are a mandatory patient safety system. And the large majority of care facilities choose hard-wired call systems for a simple reason, reliability.

 Less expensive and more effective

In today's technological world a wired nurse call system, will normally be the cheapest, most configurable, and most reliable answer for receiving emergency alarms from the occupants in your hospital or nursing home.

Whats more, when it comes to integration the possibilities are endless with wired solutions.

 A lot more than just a call system

A properly designed and fitted wired system can go far beyond the basic principles of ringing a nurse for help. Wired nursecall systems are capable of providing multi levels of alert, call, assistance, priority and emergency are just the basics, wired systems go much further, reporting locations where staff are present, logging who reset the call, recording when residents / patients are out of bed. Attack calls can be initiated on the nursecall system via staff using personal triggers. Other useful events which a wired system can include, toilet call, doctor present, wet the bed, catering and man down are all levels of call available through Intercalls IP based system.

Wired systems offer the usual range of portable devices and solutions, such as infra red triggers, PIR movement detectors, pagers and DECT phones which are capable of communicating with your telephone PBX.

Wireless nursecall products began to surface in the marketplace in the 1990's. However a critical point when considering a wireless system is to be mindful of the ongoing maintenance costs, and that the signal actually gets through. All too often radio signals get blocked or jammed due to local conditions. Indeed, even your building material can actually prevent signals getting through. Furthermore many radio repeaters may be required to boost the signal to give coverage. Plus the on going maintenance with battery checks and replacements are costs often unseen. Thats why we at Intercall recommend that you give carefully consideration which option you choose.

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